What is MINECON?

A live celebration of all things Minecraft!

Filmed live and beamed across the world via the internet! It will be around 90 minutes long, packed with juicy Minecraft info, and will include pre and post show bits, as well as some community panels.

How and where can I watch?

Watch on pretty-much any device!

Phones, tablets, PCs, games consoles! You can watch it on this very website as well as a bunch of streaming sites!

Rebroadcast worldwide

Watch with your favourite broadcasters all over the world!

Germany's Castcrafter, Italy's Kendal, Japan's ashiato, Taiwan's Kouki, Brazil's AM3NIC, France's Aypierre and Mexico's Elmayo97 will all be rebroadcasting the entire livestream! They'll be commentating in their (and presumably your) native languages, helping as many players as possible enjoy MINECON Earth worldwide!

MINECON Earth rebroadcasters
Minecon merch

Celebrate with swag

Get official MINECON earth merch

The green MINECON sheep! Three green MINECON sheep on a MINECON sheep shirt! Loads more un-sheep-related merch! Our friends at J!NX and Target have you covered with loads of exclusive MINECON Earth merch! As wonderful as J!NX and Target are, they are US-based, so import taxes or lengthy delivery times may apply if you’re not based in the land of the free. Our stuff is available in other stores too!

Take me to the J!nx store! Take me to the Target store!
MINECON Earth panels

Panels are back

Watch the MINECON earth panels!

MINECON Earth doesn't end with the livestream! Check out our YouTube channel after the broadcast to watch panels with Minecraft experts. Panellists will be discussing making a map with MCEdit, creating and maintaining an SMP, breaking Minecraft (hey, don't do that!) and modded Minecraft!

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Watch last year’s live show: